Moose J. Finklestein (mizmoose) wrote in lopsa,
Moose J. Finklestein

Time to start thinking about elections!

Every two years LOPSA elects the board of directors. Any paid member of LOPSA is eligible to vote -- and to run for director.

The LOPSA Leadership Committee, of which I am chair, is responsible for not only running the elections but developing the slate of candidates. We look for people who not only have the drive and willingness to help LOPSA grow, but have the time and energy. To be honest, LOPSA board members work their tails off, but they have all said how rewarding they find the effort.

If you are a LOPSA member, and think you might be interested in running for the LOPSA board, please get in touch with me at mizmoose at We'll be announcing our schedule soon.

Elections will be held in June.
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