Moose J. Finklestein (mizmoose) wrote in lopsa,
Moose J. Finklestein

LOPSA offers classes at SCaLE

On Friday, February 20th, LOPSA and SCaLE will offer four half-day classes for system administrators of all skill and experience levels. The tutorials will give SCaLE attendees a more intense and personal learning experience.

The instructors, Jesse Trucks (LOPSA Board of Directors) and Chris St. Pierre (Unix Systems Administrator at Nebraska Wesleyan University), are veteran LOPSA instructors who bring ample experience in the classroom and the server room to their classes.

Jesse Trucks will be teaching on Virtualized Storage and Disaster Recovery, while Chris St. Pierre will teach Documentation for Systems Administrators and Fedora Directory Server.

A full class schedule can be found at

The SCaLE University Pass costs $300, and includes a full day of training and full access to all three days of SCaLE.

SCaLE will run from the 20th until Sunday, February 22nd. To register for SCaLE, visit
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