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Welcome to lopsa, the LJ Community for the League of Professional System Administrators.

For those of you who were members of sysadminguild, welcome, and I'm glad you moved with us.

For new folks -- Welcome to the community! This is not a closed community; nobody will be checking for your LOPSA id card at the door. We welcome all system & network admins and security folks and anyone else related, and while we strongly encourage you to join LOPSA, we will not require it.

Some of you might wonder why LOPSA would want a LJ. There's already a member-postable website (, an regular IRC channel (#lopsa from, which round-robins a small pile of servers) plus #lopsa-live, the frequent "chat with the Board" sessions, mailing lists, etc. So, why an LJ too?

Why not? If there's anything LOPSA believes in it's building community. One of the mottos (I don't recall if it's ever been "official") is "Hallway Track Every Day." The so-called "Hallway Track" is the unofficial part of conferences where you sit about and network with peers, gain new friends, and have a chance to talk with those who understand your needs and your pain!

So, post away - about LOPSA, about system administration, about your job, your personal pile of toys (you know you have them!), links of interest, whatever. This is *our* LJ community, let's make the most of it.

Sales pitch over. Milk & Cookies in the back of the room.
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